Hi! I’m Jeana!


Are you ready to take your online biz to the next level?

“Online businesses need clarity, this is where I come in.”

Jeana Marino, founder of JMMedia Boutique is a new mom and an online business expert, online brand advisor, branding strategist, creative writer and social media authority. You can find her on client calls daily helping companies through understanding what their values are and what they actually mean for the brand out in the real world.

She incorporates the heart and soul of the brand into the strategy, and brings the values to life for the founders, the work culture and the end customers.

Creativity solves problems.

“My mission is to help ambitious business owners give up their relentless pursuit for perfection and overcome self-doubt. I provide my clients with a private-supportive space and practical tools so they can sustainably carry out their goals.

My philosophy is “creativity solves problems”. Not all opportunities are alike, therefore, as a creative, I find and design the best solutions.”

My professional purpose:

To inspire and educate people and their businesses to be successful by applying digital marketing strategies to focus on social media, digital PR and personal branding.

P.S. Think I’d be a great fit to bring your vision to life for your brand, website and online presence?

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